How to refresh my claims

I have the following workflow:

  1. User creates an account in Auth0
  2. User is sent back to my application for onboarding and additional information
  3. I add a value to their user metadata (I have added the custom flow to add that metadata as a claim value when they log in - and it works just fine during the login process)

My issue is that I need to force refresh their claims and not log them out and make them log back in. I’m using .NET MVC if that helps.

Thanks in advance!

If you send the users to your applications via Actions (Post-Login Trigger), add a value to the metadata using management api, and use the continue endpoint to resume the login flow, you will be able to solve your issue. Just make sure that the action which adds claims to the token is executed after you send the user back to the continue endpoint.
This example might be helpful: Redirect With Actions


Thanks for helping on this one @spoudel :clap: :bowing_man: !

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