How to Recover from Lost Phone for Admins Dashboard

I try to use 2FA everywhere.

But as I change phones it seem to be brutally difficult to recover unless you know to go to every account you have 2FA enabled and disable 2FA and set it up again.

I know I used my recovery code the other day, and I know I wrote the new one down and I know I meant to redo the 2FA but alas, I am stuck and unable to login due to I do not have a valid Recovery Code and the Phone that you send the Push Notifications to is long gone.

Please advise how I can login to the Admin Dashboard.
I tried to contact but they no longer take support via that channel.


Hey there @jwilleke!

Could you please reach out to me via DM sending me your tenant name and email and I will advise you on next steps?

Thank you!

Hey @jwilleke!

Received your DM. Will let you know about next steps there.

Thank you!