How to "Protect a route based on specific claims" for "Standard Web Application" (NodeJS/Express) and

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I’m following the Express Quickstart and the Auth0 Express Pug tutorial to protect a standard web application. Login / logout works fine.

But now, I need to protect the application further, so that only users with a certain role can access certain routes. I found an example page with some brief info, but checking claims as failed miserably so far. When I examine the user info in req.oidc.user, I cannot see any role info, despite the fact that I created a role and assigned it to the user in the Auth0 dashboard.

I did search for this extensively, but have not yet found a good NodeJS/Express example. Instead I’ve seen lots of discussions about “Authorization Core” (which I’m using AFAICT) vs. “Authorization Extension”, APIs and C# :rofl:
In any case, while the standard authentication was actually super simple, the authorization seems to be a lot harder then one would expect. Can someone point me to the pieces I’m missing, a working example, tutorial, documentation? Thanks!

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Ok, either my question is super stupid and I’m simply missing the obvious, or this standard use case is too complex of Auth0? In any case I guess I’ll have to solve this myself – without Auth0. :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @uscheidegger ,

Sorry for the huge delay. I hope you were able to solve the issue. If not, looks like you are close to the solution. I checked the express example you shared, and it looks like it’s checking the claims for a user. In Auth0, you will have to add those roles in token using rules to receive user permissions in your Access Tokens. Check this example here: Sample Use Cases: Rules with Authorization
Then you can map those claims in your express app.

Hope that helps!

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Kudos @lily.wisecarver for helping on this one!

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