How to prevent to duplicate login with same email

hey! how to prevent the user to make authentication with same email address and with different auth process like (google, github, and linkedin). is there any way to prevent this? can it be set using actions or something else.
Thank you!

Hello @mmdanish,

Yes, you can use an Action for this. You can opt to link the accounts, return an error to your app, or redirect the user to a microsite for more advanced functionality.


thanks for having considrations @markd ,
I have performed it with the extension . is there any other way to make implement like using actions ?? .

The great advantage, and the great challenge, of using Auth0 is its flexibility. Here’s a couple options:

  1. don’t allow people to sign up with social login. Instead let them link a social login to their profile from a profile page. This is a pretty common model: login with username/email + password, go to your personal settings page, add social logins. Then the user can log in with their linked socials.

  2. don’t use the Auth0 registration flow—instead, build your own. This is what we do and it allows us to build our own registration app with its own logic. E.g., our flow asks the user if they already have an account and if they want to use that account or create a new one, and it recognizes when the user is trying to use an already registered email.


I think Auth0 is not such as easy as people think, Auth0 is an entire deep universe .
Thanks for your kind solutions @markd . hope these solutions will help the other of aspirants Auth0


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