How to not accept accents * diacritics in login / signup emails?

Is there a way to not validate emails (signup / log in ) with accents or diacritics ?

Cf Remove accents/diacritics in a string in JavaScript - Stack Overflow

Hello @clement1!

Good question :thinking: I’m not aware of anything out of the box so to speak, and I’m not positive this will suit your use case, but you might look into using a Pre/Post User Registration and a Post Login Action to perform some sort of check yourself.

Hope this helps!

YEs it’s we we do now, but could really nice that Auth0 provides this option to not support accents / diacritics, as many emailing providers / mailbox don’t support custom characters.

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Awesome, good to know that’s working for you and thanks for following up with the community :smile: This could be a good candidate for a feedback request if you are up for creating one - These are monitored closely by our team for community interest.

Ok did it here [Feature request] Option to throw error on user sign up if email has accents or diacritics


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