How to monitor and get alerts if Auth0 is down?

What is the best way to monitor Auth0 and get alerts if Auth0 is down?

On the Auth0 status page at, you can see the status of Auth0. You can see the status of a region or click to expand a region and see the status for a particular region of individual services such as the authentication API or execution of custom code (used within custom DB connections and rules)

On the status page, you can use the “Subscribe to Updates” button in the upper right to subscribe to updates for specific regions and services to tailor the notices you receive.

Additional advice on how to monitor Auth0 is documented at Monitor Auth0

If you would like to monitor your own application or conduct end-to-end testing, you’ll need to set up your own tests. There are multiple services which allow doing this. One example is: pingdom.

You can use one of these services to call the endpoints listed on the “how to monitor Auth0” page listed above, and to execute synthetic authentication requests, also described on that page.

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