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How to manage organization-level access


Hi, I’m new to all this.

All of my users will be attached to different organizations that will have access to different data in the same app. What is the preferred way to attach organizations to users? I’d like to be able to be able to mass attach users on invitation, and then receive the user organization in the JWT claim. Is this best done with groups or metadata (or something else)?

Thanks a bunch!


Hey there @bax, are all the users going to be apart of the same tenant or multiple tenants? I just want to try to get more details about the setup so we can give you the best recommendation. Thanks in advance!


They will be a part of the same tenant. Thanks!


Since they are in the same tenant, this can actually be performed with the authorization and the metadata. Authorization extension allows you set groups and roles depending on your use case for each user. Please let me know if this helps in your quest.

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