How to load web page/static page during login flow

Hi Team,

I want to display one web page during login flow, this web page will have one dropdown list and post dropdown selection I want to update scope and custom claim of access token.
This webpage will be based on some data which is fetched from backend API. Currently, I am calling this API using Rules. So, given below is something I am looking for.

User landed on auth0 login page → Entered credentials → authenticated successfully → Call to backend API → Based on API data display content page → User need to select dropdown item → Based on selection update custom claim in access token → user landed on main application.

Any thought how can we achieve this?

Jaydeep S


You can redirect a user to your page from Rules or Actions. When a user completes an action on your page, you will need to send the data back to the /continue endpoint and complete the login flow. Please have a look at this article: