How to import WordPress Users as JSON to auth0

So I’m following the guide : Troubleshoot Login by Auth0 WordPress Plugin
In this section it says: “Initially, your users will have to reset their passwords when logging in using Auth0 because there is no way for Auth0 to decrypt the WordPress passwords during migration”
That’s fine and all if it prompts the user to reset their password but I can’t seem to trigger this promt
I have uploaded a JSON file with the following fields and the batch import seemed to go fine
email email_verified nickname given_name family_name name
But as I never uploaded a password hash shouldnt I get a prompt to reset my password when I attempt to login using one of these accounts?

I thought maybe I would need to actually specify a fake PasswordHash in the bulk import but then I get this error. Error in passwordHash property - String does not match pattern ^$2[ab]?$10+$[./A-Za-z0-9]{53}$:

I also would think that help topic would greatly benefit from disclosing the fact that User Migrations in Auth0 with Wordpress is a feature requiring the Enterprise plan for which I can’t even begin to see pricing info!

We have less than 100 users so that plan wouldn’t ever reap the benefits