How to implement signup as part of checkout flow

Hello, here’s my usecase…

I have buyers filling out an order form on my website. During that flow, I would like to force them to signup so that I can enable in app chat feature between me and the buyer. So my question is, how to I make that happen, is there a standard pattern to follow? Can I embed the email and password fields for signup as part of my form and when user hits submit it registers the user and also submits the order form?

Im very confused :slightly_frowning_face:

EDIT: its a NextJS app if that helps


Hi @bakerue,

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I understand you have questions about implementing signup as part of your application’s checkout flow.

Yes, this is possible! To accomplish this, you could configure the submit button to call either the Authentication API /dbconnections/signup endpoint to create the users.

Or, you could use the Management API Create a User endpoint to create the users.

Please let me know how this works for you.

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Thanks for pointing me to the docs Rueben… What’s the difference between the 2 end points…is one preferred over the other?

Hi @bakerue,

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Behind the scenes, there is no difference between the two endpoints. Therefore, you could use either endpoint to create a user.

However, be aware that the Authentication API allows you to manage all aspects of user identity when using Auth0, such as endpoints for login, sign up, log out, access APIs, etc.

Whereas the Management API enables you to do everything from the Auth0 Dashboard and more through this API.

With that, I recommend using the Management API to create a user.

Hoped this helps!

Thank you.

Thank you Reuben. This certainly helps!

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