How to implement PKCE flow with an additional website between a mobile app and Auth0

I have an interesting case where user onboarding is designed the following way:

  1. Users download the mobile app
  2. Once they click “Sign up” they are be redirected first to a website to check if they are actually eligible to sign up (it’s basically some kind of survey)
  3. Once they are eligible, they are redirected to Auth0 to log in (the previous step will create a new account if they pass the eligibility checks).
  4. Now, after successful login, the user is redirected back to the app.

That’s the theory. Now, before we try to implement it, here are the questions:

a) Is the last point possible in this scenario?
b) If so, is this just a matter of setting a custom URL scheme as the redirection callback so the app will be open on the user’s device?
c) Will it be easy then consume the id token and access token by the app so we can call the API?
d) Can flutter_appauth | Flutter Package be configured to work with this scenario where we have an additional website in the middle of the process?