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How to implement a no-redirection strategy in an Angular app?



We have implemented Auth0 in our Angular app, and are surprised that for new users entering our app we have to load Angular, move to a different site, then reload Angular again on the callback step. Of course, when the token hasn’t expired there are no redirects and everything works as expected.

A few others have had similar questions, but the answers seem to deviate from the Auth0 samples and reference download app and don’t use any of the provided libraries:

There used to be a popup api (can’t find it any more) that would have provided a far superior user experience and avoided the redirection.

Are there any sensible ways to keep our SPA truly single page and still use Auth0?


If you want to avoid redirect mode for the authentication flow, you can use Popup mode:

Note, our recommendation is still to use redirect mode due to the limitations of popup mode. One way this can be handled in SPA’s is to define a callback route in your application, which will handle the redirect from Auth0, set the user profile, and then perform redirects to your desired routes.