How to implement 3rd-party API Authentication

What is the process for authenticating a 3rd-party Oauth 2.0 Authorization Code API? In my case, I am needing to authenticate my application’s users to access the Freshbooks API in my back end.

Can this be done via a single Auth0 sign-on? When attempting to use the following link as a guide, as suspected the API returns an error, as the 3rd party API’s credentials are not contained with the Auth0 bearer token.

My reference:

Hi @RockDog!

If you are trying to use Freshbooks APIs, they will be expecting their own access token, not the Auth0 one. When the user authenticated, Freshbook would have passed Auth0 an access token which is stored in the user’s identities array, please see the documentation here on how to retrieve this:

Thank you for the response sgo. I’ve was able to resolve the issue by using Custom Social Connections.

It took me two weeks to find this information. It would likely be helpful to others if there was a video tutorial or addition keywords associated with this process, as I was continually searching 3rd-Party API Integration before finally searching out Custom Oauth, which led me down the correct path.

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