Client Credential Flow

I need help integrating client credential flow for a third-party api.

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Do you mind elaborating a bit on your use case and desired outcome here? Is your use case similar to the following?

The more information you can share the better!

@tyf This is the api I want to access and They said you need to implement the Client Credential flow Guru Fitness API

I have created the App that is working and I am able to generate the token but that token does not work with the Guru API. To access this api I need to implement client credential flow as mentioned in the docs. Hope this helps

Hey thanks for clarifying!

I believe you need to perform the client credentials flow against Guru Fitness - The access token you’re receiving currently is from an Auth0 authorization server as opposed to Guru. As far as I’m aware this is only possible using a custom social connection and retrieving an Identity Provider Access Token through a user dependent flow (not client credentials/m2m).

@tyf I have created a custom social connection but i am getting 404,
This is the url generated when I click on test connection URL

It looks like your authorization and token urls are missing the 2nd / in https:// could be an issue - Just to be clear, you won’t be able to use the client credential flow with a social connection. The CC exchange will need to be carried out against the 3rd party API directly as outlined in the docs you originally referenced.

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