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How to get user Info like email after successful login

I am using Auth0 in Android, when the user logs in I am getting an access token for my API created in auth0 dashboard and using that access token to call API, the only problem is I need logging user email how to get user info because I can’t call two audiences in webauth, how to achieve it without calling /userinfo endpoint.

.withAudience(String.format(“”, getString(R.string.com_auth0_domain)))
.withScope(“openid profile email offline_access”)
.start(this, webCallback);

The access token issued for your custom API will at this time be a JWT, so you can include a custom claim containing additional information you require ( This is valid for email or other data that may be required, just have in mind that the value included will be in effect for the lifetime of the token; in other words, if that data changes the old value may still be present in already issued tokens and the API would accept the old value as truth.