How to get to the email_verified api int AuthO user profile with ASP.NET Core AUthorization Policy

Set up: ASP.NET Core Angular Auth0

So I have created an autorization policy like this:

services.AddAuthorization(options => {
options.AddPolicy("EmailConfirmed", policy =>policy.RequireClaim
("","true")); });

I want to get the email_verified value and if its true then I want to allow the api cals in the MVC Controller

So after this I secure the actions with


However I keep on getting a 403 forbidden. Must be something with the required claim type. Has anyone come across such issue?

Have you confirmed that the id_token contains that claim? Also, have you confirmed that the User object actually contains that claim?

Here is a sample Razor page which shows how to dump the claims to the screen for you to inspect…