No Email in User.Claims when using JwtBearerDefaults.AuthenticationScheme

What would be the right direction to get/access the email?
I’m using Authorization Code Flow with PKCE
to authenticate my angular Spa

I tried adding the email scope but still to no avail.
With my current setup spa->api, is there any other options available in order to have access to the user’s email?
Thank you.

Hi @Edd ,

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You can add any information in the token you want using custom claims. Please refer to below link.
Let us know if it helps.

Adding Custom Claims

Thank you for your feedback @rashid779939. After digging deeper into the docs, i stumbled across this:

It seems the right way is, to run another round trip to Auth0 in order to fetch additional info such as email, etc…

I am surprised such vital information for a common spa->api scenario is not included in the quick start section.
Here is the link:

Here is the diagram:

I hope this little info could help anyone who is facing the same spa->api scenario,
It could have been harder without Auth0 right? cheers!

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For C# devs, below would be my modified code:

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!

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