How to get the trace logs for client deletion

Problem Statement

Someone via the dashboard or using an API call has deleted the client app. How to get the details about this deletion?


Query in the dashboard for the following (go to Monitoring → Logs and paste the following query with the right client_id)::

type: sapi AND description: "Delete a client" AND details.request.path: "/api/v2/clients/<clientID>"

That should retrieve if there is an event that matches the pattern.

However, there is a possibility that if this has been deleted more than a month ago, the log is no longer there for the data retention policy, but if you use log streams, it is possible to find the logs in your own storage. Please look for the sapi log type and for this: details.request.path: "/api/v2/clients/<clientID>"

If this does not retrieve anything, try this:
type: sapi AND description: "Delete a client"