How to get `phone_number_verified`

I have the same problem as specified here : Phone scope does not return phone_number_verified

I have a JWT issued with the following scope

"openid profile email phone offline_access"

When I send it to the “/userinfo” endpoint, I get the following data :

{ sub: 'sms|5c63026850d8324603cc867c',
 nickname: '+336080629**', // hidden
 name: '+336080629**', // hidden
 picture: '',
 updated_at: '2019-10-23T08:23:09.991Z',
 phone_number: '+336080629**' } } // hidden

The field phone_number_verified is missing, but I really need it. However, the phone is marked as verified in the auth0 dashboard.


Hi @aymericbouzy,

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It looks like it should be available from the userinfo endpoint if the openid profile email scopes are requested.

Can you please DM me a HAR file so I can investigate further?

In addition, you could add this information to the token via a custom claim in a rule if that is better for your case.

Hope this helps!


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Check How to get the `phone_number_verified` claim in the ID Token