How to get list of IDP provider's domains

I want to get the list of identity provider domain names on my backend so I can route users properly to default database-connection sign up or to IDPs.

On the picture you can see the flow i need

Also, I know that okta has this feature: Identity Providers

PS. I found 2 endpoints that are close to what i want but still does not match what i need:

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Thank you for posting your question. Your issue is connected to the Okta platform rather than Auth0. I encourage you to pass your question on to the Okta Community → Okta Help Center (Lightning) , where experts can address your issue directly.

Thank you!

Hi @dawid.matuszczyk!

Thank you for you answer!

I attached the link to okta only to show what i needed. I’m interested in auth0 solution to get the list of IDPs


Sorry for the confusion. So I’ve checked in detail our endpoints on the Management API and the api/v2/connections → Auth0 Management API v2 is the most similar to the example from Okta that you provided. It allows you to filter by the strategy, so based on that, you should be able to fetch the necessary data to navigate users correctly.


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