How to get identity provider domain names list

I want to get the list of identity provider domain names inside my react.js application to match with the user entering email address domain

in this case its,,

I want to give validation message in forgot password section, if the user entered the identity provider domain name, ask them to reset the password with the enterprise connection

Hi @kelum ,

I noticed that you opened a support ticket for the same query. After the issue is solved, I will share the solution to this topic to help other folks in our community. Thanks!

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Here is the solution provided by our DSE in the support ticket.

We don’t currently have an out-of-the-box feature that could be used for this request. But after discussing it with my team we landed on a possible solution that I’d like to share. We’d recommend adding messaging directly to the password reset screen that advises users of outlook and live domains to reset their passwords directly with the IDP, and there are two main reasons for this suggestion:

  1. You’re already utilizing a custom password reset page which makes adding additional text very easy. This change can be made in your Auth0 dashboard by navigating to Branding => Universal Login => Advanced Options => Password Reset => Modifying the custom code already in place.

  2. From a security standpoint, it is best practice to avoid providing specific feedback about the credentials entered by the user in the interest of not tipping off potential bad actors. I recognize that simply confirming whether or not you have users under a particular domain is not a major security issue but it does still add a level of additional risk that bad actors could use to steal credentials.

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