How to Get Group IDs from Azure


This article details how Azure can send the Group ID instead of the Group name.


This request is more related to the capabilities and configuration of Azure AD and Google to send group data than to the Auth0/CIC.

Azure AD already supports sending group IDs instead of names, and Auth0/CIC can receive them. Here is the info on how to configure this in Azure AD.

Here is how the group IDs appear on the Auth0 profile:

    "email": "REDACTED",
    "family_name": "Doe",
    "given_name": "John",
    "group_ids": [
    "groups": [
    "identities": [
            "user_id": "REDACTED",
            "provider": "waad",
            "connection": "REDACTED",
            "isSocial": false
    "name": "John Doe",
    "nickname": "REDACTED",
    "user_id": "REDACTED",
    "blocked": false,
    "oid": "REDACTED",
    "tenantid": "REDACTED",
    "upn": "REDACTED"