How to get FGA for Auth0 tenant members

Currently when we create a new tenant member we are given the following roles to assign. Is there a way to define more fine grained roles that might limit then to within some apps within the tenant?

Read and write access to all resources in the dashboard.

Editor - Connections
Read, write, and create access to all types of connections.

Editor - Organizations
Read, write, and create access to all Organization configurations. Learn More.

Editor - Specific Apps
Read and write access to specific applications only.

Editor - Users
User Management operations (create, delete, block, unblock, reset MFA, reset password, update metadata, assign roles, etc.) and access to logs.

Viewer - Users
Read-only access to users and logs.

Viewer - Config Settings
Read-only access to all configuration settings (applications, APIs, rules, security settings, etc.), except for sensitive information such as secrets, billings, users, and logs.

Support Access
Access to tickets (submit, view, and update) and aggregated metrics.

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Thank you for posting your question. Unfortunately, you can choose only between this set of roles that you mentioned in the post. If you think that this feature is helpful for the auth0 users, please create a topic in the feedback category Feedback - Auth0 Community, and vote on it.


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