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How to get access_token in startup.cs file?



I am trying to implement Auth0.ManagementApi with .net core 2.1 project. Now I want to configure it one time in a startup.cs file instead of creating object everywhere but the issue is it requires accessToken for initialization.

services.AddScoped(provider =>
new ManagementApiClient(“AccessToken”, new Uri(“https://Domain/api/v2”)));

Now I have created a separate class that will get accesstoken.

public async Task GetAccess()
var token = await _authenticationApiClient.GetTokenAsync(new ClientCredentialsTokenRequest
Audience = “domain”,
ClientId = “clientId”,
ClientSecret = “clientsercret”
return token.AccessToken;

But I also can’t use this class directly in startup file as it also requires IAuthenticationApiClient to initialize. So how can I achieve what I want? Is ther anyway to pass some sort of delegate?