How to generate access token for my clients through server-side (without password)

Hi, I’ve migrated/imported all of our clients to Auth0 (email + hashed password), now I want my clients to start using Auth0 authentication.
with the new and logged-out clients I don’t have a problem because I can now prompt them to login / register against auth0 directly.
my problem is with the existing logged-in clients who already have access token from the previous provider which will expire in 3 years.
I don’t want to wait 3 years to replace the existing token with Auth0 token.
forcing the logged-in clients to re-login against Auth0 is also not an option because of the risk they don’t remember their password.

one option that I’ve thought would be to generate an access token for my clients from the backend side using the management API (without knowing the client’s password, we only have hash) and then silently replace on the client the current access token with Auth0 one.
but I wasn’t able to find such endpoint in the documents.

is such an ability available using the API? if not any alternative for reaching the same goal is welcome.


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Following this thread. Please let me know if you find a solution to this