How to Generate a Bulk Users Export CSV File From the Management API?

Problem statement:

Bulk export user details in CSV format using the Auth0 Management API UI and from Postman.


  1. Get the connection_id and domain of the tenant from the Auth0 dashboard
  2. Put them in the body script. Here is a short sample.
"connection_id": "connection_id",
"format": "csv",
"limit": 20,
"fields": [{
"name": "user_id"
"name": "email"
"name": ""
} ]
  1. Open Auth0 Management API UI or Postman
  2. Get the bear token from Auth0 Dashboard and add them to the Auth0 Management API
  3. Create a Post request with the /api/v2/jobs/users-exports endpoint.
  4. Add the scripts in step 2 to the body and click on Try or Send.
  5. Get the job id from the response
  6. Create a Get request with the /api/v2/jobs/{id} endpoint and click on Try or Send
  7. In the response, the location parameter has the link to the export file.
  8. Click on the link to download the {tenant}.csv.gz file
  9. Unzip the file to get the export csv file.


  1. If user export is slow for some reason, try restarting the request. Most likely it will go through fine.