How to enable "Use ID instead of Email for Auth0 User ID " using terraform?

I want to enable the option "Use ID instead of Email for Auth0 User ID " using terraform. How can I doo it ?

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Can you share more details about what you are trying to achieve?



I am trying to create terraform code for auth0 enterprise connection with google workspace.
But while creating the code, I don’t see any terraform argument for "Use ID instead of Email for Auth0 User ID " to enable it.
as we have the boolean argument for “Enable Users API” in terraform documentation in “auth0_connection google_apps”
I am attaching the screenshot of the argument that I want enable using terraform.
As you can see in the screenshot “Enable Users API” can be enabled using terraform but in case of "Use ID instead of Email for Auth0 User ID " we don’t have any terraform argument to enable it.

So, do we have any other way to enable that option?

Hi @mayank_jadhav

Thank you for your patience, I’ve contacted the Product team and searched for a solution to your issue. Terraform doesn’t mention this option in google apps social connection settings, but based on Docs from here and fetching social connection details with Management API, the name of the setting you are looking for is "map_user_id_to_id": true

By appending your existing Terraform new social configuration with this line of code, you should be able to change this setting.

Let me know if this works.


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