How to earn more votes for feedbacks?

Hi Team,

I really like the voting-feature of the feedback-category. It’s a nice possibility to represent our interests and to make an impact on future development. :+1:
However I noticed that the number of votes you can spread is limited. I see a hint: “You have 2 votes left”. Is there a way to receive/earn new votes? - I just don’t wan’t to waste the remaining ones :wink:

Hi @j.krabs,

Yes, there is a way to increase the number of votes you can have. At the moment, you have a basic trust level with us. Once you have become a member trust level, you should receive more votes. You can increase your trust level by engaging more in our Community.

See Understanding Discourse Trust Levels for more details.

Let me also add that my team and I are discussing options for increasing the number of votes overall, although we do not have an exact timeline for when this will be increased.



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