How to do implement custom login web form and associate a Auth0 authenticated user session?


I have to use a microservice/headless architecture approach and all services are supposed to be exposed as REST.Ex - login/Logout.
We will be creating a custom login form.

What I found is -

  1. I can use Resource Owner password flow ( /token endpoint) and authenticate user with my custom login form.I am able to do that.But then there is no session context created at Auth0 side with this flow.

  2. Then I checked authorization code flow, which will create the session with AUTH0
    But it seems it is coupled tightly with AUTH0 login redirect form which takes care of session cookie creation and actual login.
    ** And then after that i can use that authcode to get the access tokens.

So what I need is, a user authenctication associated with Auth0 session using a custom login form.

Any pointers us really appreciated.I checked auth0 docs and cant find any thing for above.


Auth0 login screen is customizable, depending on your requirements. So you might be able to reach the required level of functionality


Thank you.I will review that bit .

Once you explore the options let us know your questions!

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