How to custom the landing page for the link in the verification email based on the user_metadata object?

Our setup:

  1. Classic Universal Login
  2. No custom Database, we use Auth0 database.

We’d like to customize the landing page when the user clicks the link in the verification email. We’d like to display the content in different languages based on the lang we store in user.user_metadata.lang when the user signs up.

What we’ve tried:

  1. Find the the landing page HTMl in the Auth0 console. However, we learn that we can’t edit the HTML of that screen unlike the password reset screen.

  2. Then we try to use the “Redirect To” for the Verification Email(using Link) email template by specifying something like https://mydomain?lang={{user.user_metadata.lang}}" However, according to this Customize Email Templates. user_metadata object is NOT available to use in the “Redirect To”. It’ll be be empty.

Any suggestions on what else we can do, try here?