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How to connect to Stripe and save stripe id to existing user profile



I’m trying to get a user to authorize access to his Stripe account so I can save the stripe id to his profile.

I already configured a Stripe connection via Custom Social Connections extension. But I can only login the user. But I would like to add the stripe id to an existing user, logged in to my app in the moment of the authorization.

Is there a way to set that flow via auth0 or do I have to do it manually?


This depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to use Stripe Connect (which is Stripes Federated Management platform intended or services that will manage others stripe account) then the Custom Social Extension’s Stripe Connect method will apply. If this is your use case you can use account linking beyond this point to add the stripe identity as a secondary identity.

If however, you are trying to use stripe as a payment platform for your customer that is a different scenario the specifics will depend entirely on your use case.


That’s my use case. We are using Stripe Connect with standalone accounts. I didn’t want to link accounts though, all I want is the stripe id in the user profile.


The id will be populated in the profile. Are you finding any erroneous behavior? If so can you share a sample?


Is the Custom Social Extension the same as Account Linking or are these two separate features? Account Linking is part of the Developer plan but I couldn’t figure out if the Custom Social Extension was included in the Free plan.