How to connect swagger with Auth0 authentication, the api is built on mvc framework

I have existing api on mvc framework and I am attempting to add swagger (swashbuckle 5.6) to it and getting issues with authentication. How do I correctly add swagger auth0 configuration set up with the swaggerconfig file in app.start? Is there information you need, I already have a file that configures jwt, how do I configure /swagger/ui to work correctly with the already existing auth process.

Currently the swagger ui opens up, but there is button there that asks to authorize any requests. What should I do, what steps should I follow to do this easily and correct? Is there any documentation that will support this transition?

Hi @jill_s,

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I don’t think we have an official how-to for Swagger, but I’ve seen some discussion about it in the forum before. You may be able to get some insight by searching around.

Additionally, I found this external article (Disclaimer: this blog is not produced by Auth0 and I can’t guarantee it is accurate or secure).

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