How to change where invoices are sent?


In this question, a user asks

Is it possible to have invoices sent to a specific email address rather than the primary? We have an accounts payable department which needs a copy of all invoices.

And the response is:

we can do that for a one time request but two emails cannot be set to receive copy of all invoices. We use Stripe and so far it supports only one email.

My question is, is it still the case that invoices can be sent only to the primary contact? And if so, what exactly is the primary contact, how can I know which it is, and is it possible to change it?

In my tenant there are a few dashboard admins, and all of them appear to be equivalent under the “Dashboard Admins” tab, with no indication that any of them is the “primary”.



I suggest to open a support ticket. The community moderators aren’t involved in billing.

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