How to change error message for unverified emails in case of login vs signup

I want to show different messages -

  1. When user try to signup again with email which he has already signed up and not yet verified email
  2. When user try to login with email which he has not verified.

Hey there!

Could you provide us more context around what block you use to build your solution? It’s gonna be a web or mobile solution? Are you up to building the UI yourself and then hitting right endpoints from our APIs? etc.

Thanks a lot for that!

We have web version and chrome extension what we are trying to achieve it show this type of screen when user has signed up but not yet verified the email (

I’m not sure if we provide an option for it to be honest. The best way will be to reach out directly to the repo maintainers via GitHub issue.

The option that I can suggest (that unfortunately require more hustle) is that you need to build the UI yourself (with the look and content you want) and then hitting our API endpoints for authentication purposes.

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