How to call the password reset page

Hi @david.martinez2 ,

Currently, you can’t redirect the users to the reset password page because this is something that comes out from the link sent to the users through the email template for that purpose. Nevertheless, you can create your own reset page and manage the password resets with the management API. There are two basic methods for changing a user’s password:

  • Trigger an interactive password reset flow that sends the user a link through email. The link opens the Auth0 password reset page where the user can enter a new password.
  • Directly set the new password using the Auth0 Management API or the Auth0 Dashboard.

For further details, review this documentation:

  1. Change Users' Passwords
  2. Auth0 Management API v2
  3. Customize Password Reset Page
  4. Redirect to password reset hosted page with verification email

hope this helps!