How to call external third party MFA (Authentication OIDC based) login after username /password authentication?

Tried to use action and Flow, however it shows only following options for api.multifactor.enable(provider, options) api.

Supported values include:

  • any Use any of the configured challenges.
  • duo Use the Duo multifactor provider.
  • google-authenticator Use the Google Authenticator provider.
  • guardian Use the Guardian provider.
  • none Use none of the configured challenges to prevent the MFA flow from triggering.

Hi @smishra,

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Can you give an example of the MFA provider you are trying to use? How do you typically set up MFA with this provider?

My guess is that you will need to redirect, but I’m not sure. That API (api.multifactor) is for Auth0 MFA providers.

Hi Dan,
Thanks for response. I am trying to use 1 Kosmos MFA provider and it supports OIDC based connection for MFA.

Is 1Kosmos acting as your Identity Provider?

yes 1 Kosmos is acting as Identity Provider for mfa use case

We have an integration for 1Kosmos as the IdP, but I don’t see anything for strictly MFA.

Right. Is there any way we can add custom mfa provider in Auth0?

Yes, it depends on how the provider works. Like I mentioned in my first post, you can try a redirect.