How to auto-login user using GitHub Social Login, that utilizes already authorized GitHub application

Hi Community,

I am trying to achieve somewhat custom “SSO” implementation, where I would like to auto-login a user on a beta application.

I have an app1 running on and app2 running on Both of these apps use same GitHub application for social login. App1 utilizes this GitHub application directly via Passport and the beta application will use Auth0. Both applications have their own independent databases.

I am wondering if there is a way to automatically authenticate user when they click a link in app1 and navigates to app2?

So far, I have been able to create a solution where user, upon navigation to app2, is prompted auth0 login screen and they only need to click “GitHub”. Since the GitHub application has already been authorized, they do not need to authorize it again.

I have tried to bypass this Auth0 login prompt by using Silent Authentication. However, these request always return an error saying that login is required.

Any ideas or tips?