How to always ask user for authentication method and prevent auto-login

I am using Go’s The Go Programming Language package for OIDC authentication with Auth0.

Current behaviour is for the first time, I get asked which auth method to proceed with: either username/password or Proceed with Google. Now I choose Google and login with one of my Google accounts. But when I redo the authentication process, auth0 does not ask me which methods to proceed with.

I need auth0 to ask me which method to proceed with ALWAYS. If there’s any caching, how do I disable it? Or is there any parameter I can send to auth0 to force it to ask me always?

Thank you for posting @kyfs-nm !

To always display the login page for a user, you can set the prompt=login parameter with your authorization request. If I’m not mistaken, this is the method you can use to set this param:value pair with oauth2.go.

Additionally, to ensure that users have to authenticate every time an app asks for a token, consider updating the sso_disabled flag to true at the application level using the Management API’s PATCH /api/v2/clients/{id} endpoint. See Update a Client for more details.

If that doesn’t answer your question, could you please share more about the problem:

Do you refer to a case when user logged out of your app and attempt to log in again?

Can you please share what login page are you presented with then? Are you asked to provide credentials to google or are you automatically logged in?

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thanks for the response! will try this and get back to you.

EDIT: that was the solution. had to set sso_disabled=true like you mentioned

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