How to add more fields such a firstname, lastname etc. into passwordless template

Hi all,

I am exploring passwordless authentication and I have following questions

  1. Is it possible to add more fields such as firstname, lastname etc. into the passwordless login template?
    If yes, is there an example/documentation available?
  2. If the CMS and auth0 are integrated through SAML in above scenario will the information be passed on to application?
  3. Is it possible to restrict/whitelist domains of the email ids for registration purpose? exonly email ids with are allowed to register in passwordless method? If yes, how?
  4. Can we add recaptcha to the passwordless login page, if yes how?

Hey there!

You’re touching a few points that are not necessarily all related to Passwordless. Let ma address that:

  1. To make things quick, unfortunately that’s not possible.
  2. That’s something (whitelisting) that can be achieved with rules. Go to Dashboard → Auth Pipeline → Rules → Create Rule → Access Control
  3. Unfortunately not

For the parts that are not available as of now I highly recommend to create a feedback card using our Feedback category here:

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