How to Add Google Login Button to Universal Login

Couldn’t find any info about this in the docs or tutorials. It just stops at the “Test Your Connection” link.
So I went to Google and followed their steps, to add the button.

When I click on it in my universal login popup window, it pops up the select Google account window. I select my approved test account and it disappears. No redirect back to my application.

Are there docs for what HTML/JS code to add for this to work?


Hey, @darreng5150 Welcome to the Auth0 Community!,

Are you referring to the google social connection on the Universal login?
We have documentation for this available here:

Ideally, if the callback redirect is properly set in your google developer account it should not be an issue.
Have you set the callback URLs in google?
also local application callback URL in the client application?


Yes. I configured the callbacks. But the Auth0 instructions don’t show how to add the button in my login HTML. So I just added this

The button shows up but not sure how it’s supposed to communicate to Auth0. The docs don’t describe this.


Hey there @sidharth.chaudhary!

Would you be able to follow-up on this once you have some time? Thanks!

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Hey @darreng5150, Are you looking for guidance on Client-side libraries that Auth0 provides for integrating the login?
We have JS libraries:

You can implement them in your HTML as well to generate /authorize requests to Auth0 which will start the login flow.

Please have a look and let me know!


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