How to add "email" to "reset-password" page in Universal Login?

Hey guys,

We were using the reset-password page from the classic login and we could see this page there:

Note that the email is present there, but if I switch to the Universal Login experience I can no longer get the email:

I’ve tried this curl:

curl --request PUT \                                                                 
  --url 'https://<DOMAIN>api/v2/prompts/reset-password/custom-text/en' \
  --header "authorization: Bearer $MGMT_API_ACCESS_TOKEN" \
  --header 'content-type: application/json' \
  --data '{ "reset-password": { "description": "Enter a new password for ${email} <%= \"${email}\" %>" } }'

without success…

Is it possible to use the email in the reset-password page?


Hi @serpa ,

Thank you for posting this topic on the Auth0 Community!

I did some research about how to add ${email} in the description of the reset-password text prompt and could not find any solution. So I think this is not possible as of the current design.

Please communicate this request directly to our product team using our feedback page and click on the Vote button. Thank you!

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