How to add a new value in the sign up page

Hi there.
Well, basically in my app I need to manage two different profile registration (Company and Developer), to save them separately in the DB. So, to do that, I was thinking in add a custom field in the sign up page (don’t know if it is possible) to ask the new user if it is a company or a developer, so in that way I can retrieve from the user object that key ( user_type: ‘developer’ ), because I need that value to manage conditional rendering.
Basically my problem is: I need to differentiate the type of user that registers . What do you suggest me? A million thanks.

Hi @DanDev31 ,

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I checked your tenant from the backend. It has the New Universal Login enabled. Adding extra custom fields on the signup page is only supported in the Classic Universal Login. If you are interested in switching to the Classic Login to implement the change, please follow the steps in this article.

This article explains the difference between the New Universal Login and the Classic Universal Login.

If you want to stay with the New Universal Login feature, please communicate directly to our product team regarding this request using our feedback page and click on the Vote button.

Hope this helps!