How to access group id in rule

I’m using the Auth0 Authorization Extension to implement the concept of “teams” in our app. Currently I’m able to include user groups in the id_token by enabling Groups in the Token Contents section of the authorization extension. The problem is group names are mutable and I would like to include the group id, which is immutable.

To do this I tried making a rule that accessed user.groups, but that was just a list of names. Does anyone have advice on how to get access to the group ids in a rule? Thanks!

In the Authorization Extension, you can enable API access and view sample API calls from the API section to obtain group info (see screenshot attached).

![alt text][1]

Hi @prashant, thanks for the reply. I’d like to access the group IDs without additional API calls. Do you know of a way to do that? I can already access the group names in the id_token so I was hoping I can get the ids as well.


I have the same problem. To be able to actually use the group information in the id_token it has to contain the ID of the groups and not the name of the groups. Did you manage to solve this?