How to access custom domain name from Rule

We are using a custom domain name ( instead of I’m now writing a Rule in which I need to create a url pointing to my /logout endpoint. I want this link to point to my custom domain name and I’m therefore using the auth0.domain variable to construct the url. However, this variable returns the domain instead of my custom domain. How can I get hold of the custom domain name from my Rule?

I have read through the instructions here without finding anything.

Hi @andreas.brustad,

Thanks for reaching out. To confirm, you have configured the custom domain in the dashboard and verified it? It is working with API calls etc?

Let me know if this is the case and I can reach out to the team about the topic as I don’t currently have access to a custom domain to test.


Hi @dan.woda. Thank you for your assistance. Yes, I have added and verified it from the dashboard. It seems to be working fine in other cases.

I am reaching out to some folks on this. I’ll report back here.