How to able to sign in on multiple social providers (such as Google and LinkedIn) with same mail id

I have added LinkedIn and google social providers here. but I am not able to access sign in with multiple social providers (such as Google and LinkedIn) with same mail id. because of user UID, If a person sign in with google then uid will be like google-oauth2|10063754512… and if person sign in with linkedin then UID will be like linkedin|w088us046311… so for the same mail id the person not able to login for multiple social provider. I try to install extension auth0 account linking. but it throw the error.

please guide us how can we able to signin with multiple providers with same mail id.

Hi @gauri

If you see specific errors when linking accounts or trying to log in with different social providers (linked or not) I would suggest to post a screenshot of the error in order to troubleshoot.

As for linking I just tested and was able to link a user with 2 different social connections with Google and Linkedin. This worked with both the Account linking extension and the Management API (POST /api/v2/users/{id}/identities).

Maybe the issue is that you didn’t select the Email field in your Linkedin connection settings (screenshot below in your Auth0 dashboard > Authentication > Social > Linkedin). Without this information the Account linking extension is unable to perform the linking since it uses the Email field. However this would still work the Management API. Therefore as I see it, enable this field so that the users have the option to allow their Linkedin Email ID to be shared with your app when signing up, and the linking should work (or use the Management API).

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when I tried to install extension I got and error like:


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