Unable to install account linking extension

I have setup linkedin and google authentication by auth0, and add rule to add email to access token. when I try to signin with google with ‘testuser@gmail.com’, token passes and stored in firebase and user UID like google-oauth2|189464… then when I try to signin with linkedin with same mail id it refuse because User UID is already stored. but when I try to sign in with linkedin with different mail id token works and uid be like linkedin|dOQnkdffdf…

How can I sigin with multiple social providers with same mail id. I tries to install account linking extension, but it throw error. I am sending all screenshots.

When a user signs in with a social provider like Google or LinkedIn, retrieve their email address from the provider’s response. Check if the email address is already associated with an existing user in your system. If it is, you can link the new social provider account to the existing user account using the Account Linking feature.

To link the accounts, use the Auth0 Management API’s POST /api/v2/users/{user_id}/identities endpoint, passing the user_id of the existing user and the new social provider’s access token or ID token. This will associate the new social provider account with the existing user account.

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Its being difficult for me from Auth0 Management API’s. Why can’t I install account linking extension.

I can help you troubleshoot why the account linking extension cannot be installed here. Can you send me a private message here in the forum with your email and tenant name as I need to perform some checks? Thank you!

I have send You Please check.

Thank you will look into that shortly and get back to you if I have any questions!

Okay I performed some checks and you have an account on free tier. When you go to our pricing page:

unfortunately the Account Linking feature on that tier is not available:

Thanks for the guide, but I wanna ask when the feature will available, will be able to connect social accounts.

I am showing you some concern . for example there is one Id 7412sunshine@gmail.com.
I am trying to sign in from linkedin or google both.
the users store in user management>> users.

but In firebase you can see there is uid like linkedin|D1QkUlM7YU And from the same mail id 7412sunshine@gmail.com, I am not able to signin from google. maybe token not passing for same mail id

so suggest us If we take this feature of extension. will it be helpful.


Please help me for my concerns.

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