How not to call login after create?

As in Create Script Templates :

Auth0 calls the Get User script before the Create script. Be sure to implement both database action scripts if you are creating new users. When the script finishes execution, the Login script runs to verify that the user was created successfully.

However, I am integrating with my app via restful calls, I need not to call Login after create, is that possible? or at least, no know the caller inside Login if its by user or after create?

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Hi @hopewise It’s not possible. It is by design. Create script simply create a user and does not return any user details so in order to create the user on Auth0 side Login script is called which does indeed return user profile.

Can you clarify what issues you are having when using restful apis in those scripts? More step by step details with example test user and what’s expected vs what’s happening will help us understand your problem more clearly.

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Thanks @ashish, I’ve solved my issue , I found that auto sign in after sign up is a good thing :slight_smile: but how would I tell the user that he needs to confirm his email before I sign him in?


@hopewise you can implement a a rule for that. Please checkout


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