How I can map gsuite user groups on auth0 roles?

I’m looking for the way how I can map my GSuite groups to the Roles in Auth0. Shall I use Rules or Hooks for that?
My ideas is to automatically add or remove Role to the user according to the list of added groups to the user in GSuite.

Hi @tkachuk.g,

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Are you using the g suite connection? You can add groups there. You should be able to map them via rules after that.

Let me know if this works for you,

Yes. I’m using g suite connection which provides groups to the user object and I can see them in an app. My goal is to apply certain permissions to the user according to his/her groups. Shall I do this in a rule by using Management API?

Yes, that makes sense. Just be sure that you are not doing this every auth request, as you will quickly hit the management API rate limit.

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