How i can authenticate API

how i can authenticate our users through API while i try to go Authenticate i found some of requiemnrt such as grant type, scope i confused how i can get all those credentials. I use this below link to auth the user can any one help me to this function Pls.


Hi @anoop992s,

Could you please provide us more insight on what you are trying to achieve? Are you trying to setup passwordless or normal username pw? What framework or language are you using? What errors are you running into?


Hi, Dan

I try to implement passwordless setup. when i did passwordless function i got an error like some body keys are invalid but i think in my postman i pass all the correct data in body. Hi Dan i am really new in auth0 implementation can you help me i will give my test login credentials
Account username: XXXX
Password XXXX

In my passwordless API set my body like
“client_id”: “G351CdwintcMgjfpi0ioWMm0cej4GhqN”,
“connection”: “github”,
“grant_type”: “authorization_code”,
“username”: “”,
“password”: “xxxxxx”,
“scope”: “openid”
} and make a header for
Content-Type :application/x-www-form-urlencoded
can you pls check in my test account where i did wrong beacuse i am confused how to implement also really thanks to responce for my query.

Please take a look at the endpoint docs.

It explains what the body params should be, it looks like the connection and grant are not correct.

Hope this helps!


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