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Auth0 API don't get token for Passwordless



I hope get token for Auth0 API form Passwordless.
But I can’t got token.
I executed API in the next step.

①. POST passwordless/start → send message verification codes.
②. POST oauth/token

  "grant_type": "password",
  "username": "+*******", 
  "password": "verification codes",
  "audience": "https://******",
  "scope": "openid",
  "client_id": "******************************",
  "client_secret": "******************************"

this response was error in the following step.

    "error": "invalid_grant",
    "error_description": "Wrong email or password."

But I don’t wrong inputs form username and password.

I reckon usename = phone number and password = verification codes.
Do I wrong step ?